Sleeping In Style

& Under Stairs.


Please excuse the fact that our stairs don’t have carpets on them. They will soon! We’re in the process of a house renovation. We’re loving this kennel! It’s the perfect size for underneath the stairs. We plan to have dog beds in each room of our house. However, when we’re out of the house and need the dogs to be put up, we have a pretty cool (if you ask me,) dog room set up under the stairs.


Today we bought black and blue light bulbs. I think it looks snazzy, dont’cha think? Of course, we tried Ash’s kennel out on Honey to see how spacious it would be. Needless to say, Honey ran right in there as soon as we put her bed in before we even had to tell her to.


(Phone Quality)


We probably should not have introduced Honey to what will be Ash’s home. Honey wouldn’t leave the entire night. She loved it. Hopefully she liked hers just as much when it gets here…

From the Pictures:

Honey’s Kennel (Smaller-Not Featured)
Ash’s Kennel (Larger-Feat. with Honey)


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