Love This Little Guy


Ash has been a good puppy. He’s 6 weeks old today. We really can’t believe he’s that young.. We are doing our very best with him. This is mine and Chris’ first time raising a puppy, especially together. Honestly, I think the two of us are doing great! He can be a little bit of a hand-full sometimes, but what puppy isn’t? 🙂

A few things we used to take for granted before Ash:

– Sleep/naps

– Baths

– Toilet Paper

– Sleep….

Going barefoot

The list does go on.

We really cannot complain too much. We love our lives with him in it. He brings us a lot of joy.

What I’ve loved so far with him here:

– Waking up to his cutesy little face in the early morning, so happy to see one of us

– Warming up against him when I take him outside and it’s cold out

– Coming home from work to have Chris & Ash meet me at the door (probably Chris’ way of telling me his shift is over!) 🙂

– Seeing Honey & him get along ❤

– His smelly breath when he gives us kisses

– His howls when he wants our attention

– The way he gets frightened and runs under our legs for shelter

– His little grunts when we pick him up from sleepy naps



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