It’s The Little Things

Chris and I will be the first to admit that sometimes, well sometimes we really wish time would fast forward to Ash being full grown.

He’s teething, which as you might imagine can be a living nightmare! He’s pretty good about using his toys however. We got a tip today from our hair dresser to use frozen waffles, we’re gonna try it! Hey, anything that will help, right?

We seem to have a pretty good routine going on with him. It’s fairly steady I’ll say. Each morning one of us (whoever happens to start their day first) will take Ash out of his kennel bedroom before he starts to whine. Once he hears our feet hit that first step though, he’s already working up that whimpering. 😛 I, myself have blocked a portion of my morning to just letting Ash do his business outside instead of my before sleeping in. Dx Which, feels like I need that time to myself more than ever now.

From outside he goes directly into his bedroom again, and when the other one of us wakes up is when the actual day begins. This is usually when he is played with and then fed breakfast. 🙂

During the day of course he gets rowdy, and it’s usually one of us here during the day to burn that energy off with him. In between his trips outside and segments of play time, we will put him in playroom kennel in the media room. He entertains himself pretty well in there. Chris set it up like a doggy jungle gym ! I’ll even crawl in there sometimes and get him excited about his ropes and sqeaky toys. That really makes him hyper.

When we aren’t down there on the floor with him most of the time, he will come and find us. He can be a little tyrant. Just tonight we were lying on the bed watching T.V. and he jumped up behind our heads and started nipping at us. As soon as I picked him up and tickled his belly though, he was all mine. Yes, it does take some experimenting to see what it is that works and doesn’t, just like with all dogs. We’re learning all of this, that’s for sure!

Sometimes I’ll leave the room so upset because he just won’t leave me feet alone, or I’ll be holding him and he’ll bite the hell out of my arm. Chris will lose his patience too, that’s usually about the time he tells me it’s my turn. 😛 Lord, he can be tough.

Then, the night calms down. Ash starts to mellow out and he even lies with his head in my lap, biting his tongue. There’s also the time when he’ll give kisses not involving teeth to Chris. We love it when these things happen.

I’m sitting here now and I can hear him moaning just a little each time he re-positions and stretches his little legs. It’s always a given though, that if one of us is to leave the room for a split second, he WILL wake up and he WILL let you know that he’s aware of your movements.


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