Training Inquiries/Concerns—When or How to Begin Training!?

As you know, the boyfriend and I have gained a puppy in the household. He and I have never had puppies of our own. We’ve never held the responsibility of looking after a puppy, or even disciplining them. This is all very new to us!

It scared me; the thought of having a puppy, because all I’ve ever looked after are kittens,  and of course those guys are always very self-reliant. With a puppy, however, there comes so much you must do if you want a well-behaved, house-trained, and obedient dog. We both don’t know when or where to start when it comes to Ash’s training. Of course a little research here and there has done us some good,but we want direct answers! We’ve considered putting Ash in a training class, but not sure if we want to go down that money path.

Currently Ash is 2 months (9 weeks) old. We’ve begun crate training, that’s about as far as we can get, because he’s a very rowdy little one, using his teeth on everything, including us. This is him teething, we of course know that. We have plenty of toys for him that we typically replace with our hand or our feet when he gets to gnawing on us (which is constant.) We aren’t even sure if what we are doing is helping him to learn because it is him teething, and he is still young. We’ve taken much advice such as raw hides, noisy toys, soft toys, bottles, and frozen waffles is something we intend to try soon. All of which have just been temporary remedies. Yes, puppies have a short attention span, so does this ultimately tell us that we can’t start teaching  at this age? 

He mostly understands that the house or the floor is not where he needs to use the restroom. Every time he begin to sniff the floor, we run him downstairs and outside using the very same door we started with. If he does happen to have an accident, he is not scolded. He is picked up and taken outside. He seems to comprehend that somewhat (at least we like to believe.) He’s never left unattended in a room for him to really have opportunities like that unless for a few minutes we aren’t paying attention.

We can’t leave Ash out to play in the room with us while we’re doing other things for very long because he will attack the both of our feet and it’s very painful. We’ve tried tactics such as sternly telling him “No” and pointing in his face, yelping “Ow!” and taking the attention away from him, and even replacing a toy in his mouth. He usually continues unless of course he does by chance get distracted for a split second.

Ash and our other dog Honey (who is significantly older,) seem to get along very well. Ash and Honey will play and of course nip at each other while doing so. We always have to correct Ash when he starts to bite her neck and attack her tail. We’ve been told that it can frustrate the other dog into a rage and take it out on the playful one. They seem to like each other so we rarely have issues, of course we can never leave them by themselves. For one, because Ash is just a puppy and he isn’t by himself anywhere. For two, because Honey is older and we don’t want her to be unpredictable and harm Ash.

I have so many questions and thoughts. I don’t even know if the information I provided will help me get answers! Any help or advice though, will be definitely appreciated.

Trainer Trish’s Response


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