Bun and Ash are Thriving


Sometimes when he stops what he’s doing and turns to look at me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Aha..

But, he does have gorgeous eyes, especially when he’s being a happy boy, chasing me around the couch.


It’s good for us to see Ash and Honey getting along so well.

It was one of our biggest fears bringing Ash home.

(They’re almost the same size!!)

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Although, we do have to make sure to give Honey exclusive attention when things quiet down with Ash. She gets a bit sad and she probably feels left out.

She really misses having Chris all to herself I think.


At 14 Weeks

At 14 Weeks

Above photo taken April 20, 2013
(Ash at 14 Weeks)

Our little guy is already getting hard to carry! He’s a big boy, and getting bigger with every day. While I can’t wait for him to be a full grown Husky that makes for a good cuddle pal in bed, I am doing everything to cherish his tiny-ness now. 😦

Above photo taken February 24, 2013
(Ash at 5 Weeks)

Daddy Is Gone so we Wait-Hypnotizing Momma


When you least expect it, he’ll stare into your soul.


It’s just momma and Ashew for a bit until Daddy is home


He was looking out the window as if waiting for Chris. Of course, he does love to watch the neighbors.


He’s not a barker. He’s a sociable boy, unlike Honey. Honey lets us know about other people. Ash will just stare with his mouth open, ready to play.