Growing A lot-Gettin’ Smarter!

Hey everyone, he’s growing into a big boy!

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Ash would just like to say thank you for all of the love. He’s happy about over 800 profile views and for his horsey toy of course.

Today, when I got home from work I walked over to his kennel downstairs and said Hi to him. He jumped right into my lap and wouldn’t stop yapping! He usually does that when I get home and he’s been by himself for a little while. That’s his way of talking to me I assume. He was hopping around me, still yapping and carrying on. He made sure to stand in front of me and do it some more, then running towards the stairs, waited for me, and yapped a little more (of course.)

He ran his little booty up them stairs and collided into the net fence of the media room (there’s no door, so it’s to make sure he doesn’t leave when he’s in there.)

He kept banging his head against the fence until I picked him up, set him down on the other side, and he knew right where he was to go. He ran straight into his “ken-ken” and waited for me to pour him some lunch.

What a smarty.

And here are some pictures never before seen!




“Hey, I’m sleepin’ here! Turn off the lights…”

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All pictures taken 2/26/2013


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