First Walk On A Leash

There’s been a time or two Chris or I have attempted going on walks with him, this was obviously when he was a little younger. We never got too far, needless to say.

Tonight was the first time we actually made it quite a ways.


Because he was so curious about all the new land, he was VERY easy to walk with. This time (unlike the time before,) he didn’t do too much biting at his own leash, and he listened rather well.

Cars would pass by and he would stare at them until they got closer. When they came towards us he casually walked between my legs or leaned against me.


“Yeah mom, I’m not doing this cuz I’m scared, just uh.. y’kno, hangin’ out and watchin’ the cars pass. It’s cool.”

He liked finding new objects to sniff and put his nose up under. He picked up a few questionable objects here and there. Usual dog stuff went on.


At one point he ALMOST met a new pal, but he was too turned off by the idea. As we were about to cross the street he spotted a full-grown German Sheppard.

Image“Someday I too will be big like him.”


picture phone quality


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