How Obedience Works;Lovely Dog Walks-Pictures From The Bay

This puppy wants me to catch up to them.


He doesn’t enjoy putting his Husky stroll on a brief hold.


“Adventurous Ash” saw many curious things along the way.


Told you.



It’s crazy, you know… Out of all the dogs Chris or I have had growing up, none have been as well behaved as Ash is.


Meako, who was the dog I had with my parents, but was trained by my dad. Meako could do a bunch of tricks, and he was obedient…to an extent.

 photo l_1a5c304f18a14d629015315e78f7ca95.jpg

 photo IMG_8108.jpg

 photo o0qtfc.jpg

It’s very surprising to me because Ash will mind Chris and I without us having to be angry. We never are. Ash is just a puppy, Meako is more than 7 years old.

I truly feel that what has helped Chris and I along the way is the fact that we don’t want to discipline out of anger.

Meako was always so terrified of my dad. Meako would hear my dad come home and immediately come find me rather than meet him at the door.

Just like with children, never use your frustration to “scare them straight,” as I was told.

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We are not experts on any of this, in fact we’re still making mistakes, and not doing things quite as well as we’d like. I think we might be doing some things right though, I’m happy to say.

I watch Chris with Ash and I am so proud. He does very well with him, especially when it comes to  giving commands and affection.

Cutie was sweet with Chris, and Honey is a well-behaved dog herself. There are though, the occasional annoyances when we let her in the backyard on her own, or when she feels obligated to lie on every bed in the house. Let’s not forget the fact that she wasn’t taught how to walk on a leash in her earlier years, and she’s just too anxious now for us to try it.. She chases after….everything.

We are kids. We are kids and we have been raising our Siberian Husky puppy since he was 6 weeks old, and we’ve been doing one hell of a job at it, if I DO say so myself. 🙂




Ash wants all of his readers to know that he loves you. ❤


We have had a really fun time at the bay the last couple of days.


We’re really liking the walks there. It’s going to be a regular thing.





From all of us here in Florida, we wanted to say thanks for the views and all of the lovely comments. We really appreciate it. 🙂

We’ll have a new video up shortly!

Be prepared for some surprises. 🙂


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