You’ll Not Believe It! Ocean-Bound Husky Pup!

& for those that have wondered: this is how we train him. 

Of course, I am just kidding.

This morning it was just Ash and I. Chris was sleeping, and I had just fed the dogs and myself. I decided it was such a beautiful day outside, we needed to go for a walk! We even for the first time went both of our different routes.

With our first route, Ash was happy to find sprinklers pointing towards the road, watering right where we needed to walk! He was at first put off to the idea of getting splashed, but after I walked through it with him I like to think he said, “Yea, I could get used to this. That’s a nice feeling!” I had to pull him away from the sprinklers after that. Haha. On our way back from that way he crossed the street just so as to walk through the water again, happy as ever.

Afterwards, we took the turn in the neighborhood that lead us to the bay! I said “Bay! Bay! Bay” a few times as we went and he got really excited because he knows what that is. 😀

Once there, he was checking out a small pond before the dock.  I guess he was already very water-friendly because he just began walking through there. My jaw kinda dropped and I smiled really big because I couldn’t believe how confident he was. (Mind you, I’ve never had a dog in my entire life that has liked water.) He inched in more and more until the water was up to his neck. I decided to lead him out because honestly, the water looked rather dirty and he had the chance to cool off in that time.

We went onward to the dock where we started walking because he loves getting out there for the breeze. He’ll just sit there for 30 minutes letting the wind blow on him. I didn’t want to let him go all the way to the end because there was a man fishing and didn’t want to disturb him.

I noticed Ash getting nervously close to the edge and before I could pull him back, he puts one paw forward and just leaps in! I was more amazed than earlier (of course,) and I was really happy for a second, but then once he realized he had no way of getting back up to where I was he freaked out and began to swim under the dock where I couldn’t reach him. I had to guide him with the leash towards the man and once I was close enough I asked for his help. He was kind enough to assist me in lifting him out of the water. I can hardly lift Ash when he’s  dry and on land. I was so thankful to him for helping me out because this day Chris wasn’t there.

It’s safe to say that Ash really enjoys the water, but now we have to be careful about him! I immediately gave him a bath when we got home. Can’t wait to swim with him in the future! It’s so strange that he was careless enough to just fall into the bay water, no hesitation at all. I guess warm days will do that to a husky. 😛

Ash may like to swim, but not so sure he likes getting cleaned up. 


Ash has actually been known to jump in the tub when he’s running around our bedroom and just play in there.

I guess he is a water doggy.



Really makes me sad to see him so depressed about the fun being over.

He doesn’t really enjoy being made to sit in the tub while we clean his fur and dry him off afterwards.
He would rather be swimming with the fishies.



Definitely…not a fan.


Pensacola Beach Washed Us Away!

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My first couple of days off from work
in a row during the week! Talk about a celebration for us!! I’ve been so jealous of the tourists coming through getting to experience the start of summer, while I’m right here in the middle of all the fun and chaos! I told Chris I really wanted to go to the beach and we made it out there today… on a yellow flag day. Ahaha

May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013

We were so excited that the beach we chose to go to actually allowed dogs! I instantly pictured Ash running up and down the beach chasing the waves, with a huge smile on his face.

However, something else caught our eye 30 feet later…


Whad’ya know it… another sign a short distance away that prohibits dogs from going anywhere after that.


I honestly saw zero dogs out there, but all the humans flocked to that section of the beach.
I can’t wait for Ash to be old enough to go to dog parks. I’m going to strut that big guy everywhere with me.

He WILL be a swimmer. 🙂  Those days are gonna be great!

The Perfect Day

The Perfect Day

The sky was partly cloudy on our first trip to the beach this year.

Happy to say that the waves were crashing high, and the water wasn’t as cold as expected.

We decided not to get in the water this time because of how high the waves were, the temperature of the waves, and the fact that we really hoped to start on our tans. ;D

That cold water getcha off guard, huh?

That cold water getcha off guard, huh?


“I’m not getting in that!”


I was really happy just lying there on my towel listening to Pandora next to Chris. 🙂 It’s rare that we get to do that I guess. I usually get one off day a week, and I like to spend that precious time at home with Ash and Chris.

Of course though, that relaxation did not last.

Before we knew it, things started to get wet.

Everything Soaked

Everything Soaked

We were both shocked at first and just lied there for a good 5 seconds before reacting. I was so happy to find out that nothing was damaged due to the water, except of course I had a little bit of water in my phone (realizing this after getting home,) so I sat it in a bowl of rice for an hour. That did the trick…

I did say the waves were coming up high, and when we sat our things down, I even remember looking at the water lines on the beach, knowing it might not be the best set up.

After the fact that all of our towels were wet, including ourselves we decided to get in the water since we couldn’t sun bathe comfortably anyways! Yes, we probably should have headed home as to avoid sand and wet seats in the car but it wasn’t that big of an issue in the end.

Getting back in the ocean for the first time in so many months was a spectacular feeling! The water splashing up against your body, and the taste of salt water are such annoyances at first…but the entire experience is a blast. Sadly though, I was caught off guard by a monster wave that pushed me head first to shore, throwing my prescription sunglasses into water. Where they are now, who knows?

It was one FUN day. I can’t wait to experience a day like this with Ash soon. 

Why this song? No reason, really. It was playing when I recorded the video, and it’s pleasant to listen to, especially while looking at beautiful pictures of the baby. ❤

Oh gosh you guys, I am sweating over here in my corner as I type to you! My palms are sticking to my desk… And yes, we do have an AC unit in this room, a very cold one. Why is it not on? IT IS ON! It’s currently pointed into Ash’s ken-ken while he naps because I’m a good doggy mom and he was panting earlier. :/ He exercised outside a bit and so I put a cold bowl of water in there for him and covered his room so it can get nice an chilly for my Siberian pup.

(This room is supposed to have 3 ceiling fans in it, but they’re being repaired.)
If you haven’t noticed before, it can get hot up here because of the 8 windows that enclose the room…

Caption by Chris:


"Aren't you gonna buy me a drink first?"


Well this is awkward…


“I would really like to be playing with this rope toy now. :/”


“Are you speaking of THIS rope toy, Honey?”


“Can’t haz.”


“Quick dodge, how you like that? Sucka.”



The rope toy hung in Ash’s ken since we brought him home. I’ve never actually watched him play with it. I think I may have heard him. Sometimes I’d hear toys clinging against the kennel and it may have been the rope swinging.

That night was the first time I took it out of the ken-ken and had them play with it. It was destroyed in a matter of hours. I really need to start buying more durable toys apparently.

It’s now evident he can’t have cute stuffed animals. I’ll just find the pieces all day.

Takes Us Home!

We’ve got a runner…

As we walk Ash on what is mostly a repetitive route, he has recognized the midpoint.

We’ll get to a certain spot in the walk on the way back (this tree in a cul de sac,) and recently it has gotten to the point that we no longer have to say, “Home!” because he ALREADY gets excited and starts to take the leash in his mouth to show he wants to run the rest of the way.

He even takes the short cut through trees we started out with.

One day Chris let the leash go and said, “Home.” (we were just a house away, not far at all and there were no people around.)

Ash zoomed towards the house, went through the trees, and up the hill. He always goes a little, stops and watches for us to catch up, then goes, and looks back as if to taunt us. ❤

Lonely Nights!

No one loves me, no one cares....

No one loves me, no one cares….

Chris is dead asleep! He’s been that way for a few hours now and I’m not about to wake him up. He’s too sleepy.

It’s only been the dogs and I for 4 1/2 hours, which is fine, it’s just that they don’t want to play with me today, and today of all days,

I could use their love and affection!

As I sat down to first write this out, guess who came upstairs to check on me?

Ash walked up to the bed, stood on the edge and looked at me, tilting his head.

“Hi Momma, what’s up?”

I mean, that’s what he said in my mind…

Gosh, this house is just TOO quiet tonight.


I’m off to put Ash to bed, and then put myself to bed! Everyone have a good night, and enjoy the weekend!