They Work Fast (RIP Tweety)

This post doesn’t need a picture. In fact, it’s best there isn’t one!

This morning when Chris and I woke up, we took the dogs out. Chris opened the back door and they went outside. I was upstairs turning the news on and making the bed. Not even ten minutes later Chris runs upstairs flailing his arms around. I could tell by his facial expression he was disgusted by something…

I thought he was just playing around at first. “Ash.. ash has something in his mouth.” He didn’t get to the point at first until he told me Ash was playing with a dead bird. I immediately cringed and dreaded what was to come.

We both went downstairs and watched the dogs from the backdoor. Every time Ash would go anywhere near it, I’d beat on the window to get his attention. “Should we let him in? What if he brings it with us?” I asked Chris, completely unaware of what we should be doing. I was in freak-out mode. Chris being the great confidant he is in the midst of crisis informed me that if we were to let the door open, Ash would more than likely “Bring mama the dead bird as a present.” Grrrreeaaattt..

Rather than let him play with the dead corpse all day, we let him inside and RAN. A really bad idea honestly. I wasn’t fast enough to get up the stairs like Chris, so I jumped OVER the couch, Ash ran around and (Joy, I was so happy he’s now big enough to get up,) he did what I feared most and playfully nipped at my legs. So gross… I ran to the kitchen while I “pillow-shielded” him off of me and told him to drink water. THEN, I realized they were out of water so as I was filling his water bowl he was getting even more excited.


As I was filling his water bowl, he jumped up on me and it freaked me out so much that I slipped and thankfully caught myself on the counter, but the water from the bowl shot up and spilled all over me, Ash, and the floor.

When it came time to dispose tweety bird, Chris used a pooper scooper “Grabber” and did that. What a nice boyfriend though, he left one of the legs that had been dispelled in the yard for me to handle. 🙂

We have the theory that Honey and Ash worked together in this scheme. The birdy was probably walking around on the ground and our friendly dogs decided to play tag…


– Stressed, and Queasy dog owner


One thought on “They Work Fast (RIP Tweety)

  1. ROFL! You are gonna LOVE living with a husky!!!

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