SOME People Just Don’t Belong Here!

Sometimes I really hate living in this part of the United States. 

Chris and I were doing our daily walk with Ash. Ash was being well behaved on his leash, and even stopped at the stop sign like we told him to. While we were stopped, a van pulled up beside us and waited there for a good while so I looked up only to assume they were wanting us to cross. I went to wave to him and say “Thank you,” when I noticed he was shooing me across the road with his arms and rolling his eyes. Impatience I guess, huh?

We got past his van when I heard him say, “This ain’t no place for an Akita dog.”

Well excuuuuseee me?

I REALLY wish that people would get their facts straight before harassing others. For one, Ash is obviously NOT Akita, and two, just because we are in Florida does not mean we can’t have a Husky. It isn’t as though we walk Ash in the heat of the day EVERY DAY, or live in the middle of the desert, where there is a severe lack of water… It’s Florida and we are literally surrounded by water. That’s barely the point though.

There is a Malamute that lives just a street over from us and I’ve seen at least 2 Adult Siberian Huskies at the dog park in the last year. They had more fur than what I’ve seen Ash’s parents have.

All of our neighbors have begun to take interest in Ash. Many people approach us to meet him. He is well loved by a lot of people. I guess with all of that, there was bound to be a few skeptics and rude people that disagree.

I do not want to be harassed on the street by another person though. If he wanted to discuss our dog, he could have done so, or kept on driving.

Ash wasn’t bothered. He actually wanted to get closer and meet him, but I kept going. Dx


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