Going Batty!

Lately, how neighborhood walks look by the time it’s over:

May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013

Chris was needless to say, ready to get in the house. Me stopping for pictures? Kinda annoying.

Ash, of course is smilin’ away. He had a good walk.


Don’t get me wrong, Ash behaves well on his leash, but sometimes we aren’t in the “mood” to handle Mr. Curiosity. Chris is good about correcting his behavior when he pulls, lunges, or begins to stray. I’m learning from his actions with Ash. We usually start out with Chris walking him to the bay, and I’ll walk him back.

Of all the dogs I’ve ever had in my life, Ash is the best to walk.

Tonight we walked Ash a little later than usual. The sun was almost down, and little creatures were coming out. Ash for the first time was seeing them outside of the yard. With every frog he spotted (&there were a few,) he’d lunge towards it. It got rather tedious after about 4 corrections. Let’s not mention there were bats flying over our heads as well.



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