Basking In The Sun – May 7, 2013

We love the breeze

We love the breeze


Ash is getting more and more comfortable to the water each time we take him to the bay.

He has been very excited to hear and see it. This was the first time we took him all the way to the end of the dock.

Chris & Ash

Chris & Ash

As you can see, we trusted him to explore on his own.

On Watch

On Watch

Shortly after we got there, a man came out to inspect the water. I assume he was looking to fish. Once Ash took notice, he didn’t take his eyes off him the entire time. He sat exactly in front of me, with his bum on my lap.

Our theory is that either Ash was intimidated (which is not good,) or protecting me (which is still not good…he shouldn’t be territorial over anyone,) or that he was curious and more than likely wanted to see what he was up to.

Ash is a very curious pup. On a walk the other night, a woman came out of her house and Ash kept on walking, but he slowed down and looked at her for the longest time. Chris thinks it’s because he likes the attention because he always gets it.. haha Poor Ash, the lady didn’t even notice him.

The boys

The boys

Ash absolutely loves the breeze. Being out there made him so chill…




We could have stayed out there for HOURS! Ash was falling asleep, and the air was nice.


But just before we left, we got one more picture of the beautiful bay.


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