We Have A Horticulture Hater Among Us

After a beautiful walk to the bay and back, we all come inside and tell Ash “outside, outside!” which he of course knows to go to the back door and wait for us to remove his leash and open the door for him. In case you’re wondering, he goes to the back yard from his walks because he doesn’t use the restroom on his walks. Also, because the dogs’ water bowl is kept outside. (Their water is refreshed a lot though. I even like to put ice cubes in it. haha) 

To my surprise, I follow him out there and what is the first thing I notice? Destruction of course.


Hey, it’s a good thing this boy was dead already.

I find this funny because not but 30 minutes prior to his walk I had swept the back porch and picked up a bunch of fuzzies from his stuffed toys that too had been annihilated.

I understand we don’t use the back yard for human leisure very often, Ash, but c’mon let’s take care of it like it’s a common area.  -.- 

One day I actually swept the porch, hosed the chairs off, picked up foreign objects Ash had taken out there, picked up stuffing, e.t.c. The dogs assumed I was creating a new canvas for them.

Do you ever wonder why you rarely see dog toys in pictures or videos anymore? Just go look outside… I can hardly identify them though. Good luck. 


Truly surprised he didn’t stick his paw right in there and smash it up.

This poor plant was drug from one side of the house, to the table on the porch, and into the yard under a tree.

The Culprit.


I wasn’t mad at him though. I mean, just look at that face and of course those eyes!


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