Updates! Updates! Updates!

Updates! Updates! Updates!

Ash has shot up like a beanstalk over night! Truthfully, he is so heavy now that Chris or I can barely hold him.

We’re wondering if this is normal, or if it has to do with his diet lately. We had him on Natural Balance there for a while. It was what he was given to us eating. We kept him on that up until the last few weeks. He wasn’t digesting it well at all so we put him on Purina puppy chow only. Our vet suggested he may be too young for the natural diet just yet. Since the puppy chow we’ve noticed positive changes. We’re so happy about that. I’m thinking he needs to be on this the full year.

There haven’t been any picture uploads the last couple of days, or I’d show ya just what we’re dealin’ with here!

The computer I’ve been using (my desktop) to upload pictures and videos has been acting strange. I’m just now starting to finish all my installs on my laptop. You can bet that tomorrow I’ll be putting some pictures up. 🙂

Ash is of course happy as ever, eating plenty, and giving his sister hell. Tonight, he seemed so tired. Granted, he hasn’t been in his “ken-ken” all day, he’s been roaming the house freely, spending time with us and honey, but he just seemed so exhausted. Maybe this is all the growth-spurts.

What is Ash currently up to?
Well, as I type away, he is in his ken-ken up here with us. Chris has moved it closer to him where the portable AC unit is. He has covered the ken with a blanket, and pointed the AC inside so that Ash gets his very on arctic going on. Last night was the first night Ash got to experience that. We checked in on him after 10 minutes, and he had his butt up against the unit, and looked back smiling at us.

We’re raising one happy Floridian Husky.


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