Takes Us Home!

We’ve got a runner…

As we walk Ash on what is mostly a repetitive route, he has recognized the midpoint.

We’ll get to a certain spot in the walk on the way back (this tree in a cul de sac,) and recently it has gotten to the point that we no longer have to say, “Home!” because he ALREADY gets excited and starts to take the leash in his mouth to show he wants to run the rest of the way.

He even takes the short cut through trees we started out with.

One day Chris let the leash go and said, “Home.” (we were just a house away, not far at all and there were no people around.)

Ash zoomed towards the house, went through the trees, and up the hill. He always goes a little, stops and watches for us to catch up, then goes, and looks back as if to taunt us. ❤


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