Why this song? No reason, really. It was playing when I recorded the video, and it’s pleasant to listen to, especially while looking at beautiful pictures of the baby. ❤

Oh gosh you guys, I am sweating over here in my corner as I type to you! My palms are sticking to my desk… And yes, we do have an AC unit in this room, a very cold one. Why is it not on? IT IS ON! It’s currently pointed into Ash’s ken-ken while he naps because I’m a good doggy mom and he was panting earlier. :/ He exercised outside a bit and so I put a cold bowl of water in there for him and covered his room so it can get nice an chilly for my Siberian pup.

(This room is supposed to have 3 ceiling fans in it, but they’re being repaired.)
If you haven’t noticed before, it can get hot up here because of the 8 windows that enclose the room…

Caption by Chris:


"Aren't you gonna buy me a drink first?"


Well this is awkward…


“I would really like to be playing with this rope toy now. :/”


“Are you speaking of THIS rope toy, Honey?”


“Can’t haz.”


“Quick dodge, how you like that? Sucka.”



The rope toy hung in Ash’s ken since we brought him home. I’ve never actually watched him play with it. I think I may have heard him. Sometimes I’d hear toys clinging against the kennel and it may have been the rope swinging.

That night was the first time I took it out of the ken-ken and had them play with it. It was destroyed in a matter of hours. I really need to start buying more durable toys apparently.

It’s now evident he can’t have cute stuffed animals. I’ll just find the pieces all day.


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