You’ll Not Believe It! Ocean-Bound Husky Pup!

& for those that have wondered: this is how we train him. 

Of course, I am just kidding.

This morning it was just Ash and I. Chris was sleeping, and I had just fed the dogs and myself. I decided it was such a beautiful day outside, we needed to go for a walk! We even for the first time went both of our different routes.

With our first route, Ash was happy to find sprinklers pointing towards the road, watering right where we needed to walk! He was at first put off to the idea of getting splashed, but after I walked through it with him I like to think he said, “Yea, I could get used to this. That’s a nice feeling!” I had to pull him away from the sprinklers after that. Haha. On our way back from that way he crossed the street just so as to walk through the water again, happy as ever.

Afterwards, we took the turn in the neighborhood that lead us to the bay! I said “Bay! Bay! Bay” a few times as we went and he got really excited because he knows what that is. 😀

Once there, he was checking out a small pond before the dock.  I guess he was already very water-friendly because he just began walking through there. My jaw kinda dropped and I smiled really big because I couldn’t believe how confident he was. (Mind you, I’ve never had a dog in my entire life that has liked water.) He inched in more and more until the water was up to his neck. I decided to lead him out because honestly, the water looked rather dirty and he had the chance to cool off in that time.

We went onward to the dock where we started walking because he loves getting out there for the breeze. He’ll just sit there for 30 minutes letting the wind blow on him. I didn’t want to let him go all the way to the end because there was a man fishing and didn’t want to disturb him.

I noticed Ash getting nervously close to the edge and before I could pull him back, he puts one paw forward and just leaps in! I was more amazed than earlier (of course,) and I was really happy for a second, but then once he realized he had no way of getting back up to where I was he freaked out and began to swim under the dock where I couldn’t reach him. I had to guide him with the leash towards the man and once I was close enough I asked for his help. He was kind enough to assist me in lifting him out of the water. I can hardly lift Ash when he’s  dry and on land. I was so thankful to him for helping me out because this day Chris wasn’t there.

It’s safe to say that Ash really enjoys the water, but now we have to be careful about him! I immediately gave him a bath when we got home. Can’t wait to swim with him in the future! It’s so strange that he was careless enough to just fall into the bay water, no hesitation at all. I guess warm days will do that to a husky. 😛

Ash may like to swim, but not so sure he likes getting cleaned up. 


Ash has actually been known to jump in the tub when he’s running around our bedroom and just play in there.

I guess he is a water doggy.



Really makes me sad to see him so depressed about the fun being over.

He doesn’t really enjoy being made to sit in the tub while we clean his fur and dry him off afterwards.
He would rather be swimming with the fishies.



Definitely…not a fan.


3 thoughts on “You’ll Not Believe It! Ocean-Bound Husky Pup!

  1. WHAT? You like baths? Oh my DOG!!!

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