Husky Puppy Toy Destruction; Puppy Toy Review; What Do You Buy?


This is what having a pretty table piece gets me….

Okay, so it has became even MORE apparent that Chris and I really need to step up our game for Ash.

We can’t just buy him 10 toys at once, all cheap and cute.


Back then, toys weren’t destroyed as fast.. 😦


When we kept all of his stuffed toys in his over-night kennel, one morning we just woke up to this.
Never again! O_O

Having the stuffing scattered EVERYWHERE is not only very tedious to clean up, but not healthy for the dogs.

Maybe you saw our backyard? I had to go back there one day with a grabber and a trash bag to pick it all up. The bag was over flowing by the time I finished. Well, lots of leaves and other miscellaneous parts Ash destroyed were a part of this as well, but you get the idea, right?

My mother actually bought a rope toy for Ash and mailed it to me. (green thing seen in above picture)
He didn’t take interest in it until the last couple of weeks because he’s starting to develop a different interest in toys. He and Honey played with it together and it only took them a few days to rip that sucker in half. They now play with the stringy segments of what used to be…

I had to unclog my vacuum because of this.

This destruction & endless cleaning brings me to my next course of action-as well as quandaries! 


Yes Mom, I am listening!

Good lord, look at what he did to that porch. O_O

I feel that shopping online for toys is my best move. I’ve gone to Walmart and Petco, looked at the toys, but reading reviews and talking to other people seems much better. Let’s face it, asking an employee which they recommend isn’t going to cut it.

I’m going to start with two toys I came across. They seem reasonable to me. Let me hear your thoughts! 

Nylabone Teething Rings for Puppies

Kong Wobbler 

I’d love to hear what you buy your dogs!


5 thoughts on “Husky Puppy Toy Destruction; Puppy Toy Review; What Do You Buy?

  1. I think the Kong Wobbler is great! I use it to feed Riley his meals-it prevents him from eating too fast and keeps him occupied 🙂 Stuffed toys don’t last very long here either..

    • Thanks, it should be here in a few days! You say you feed Riley meals? You put his dog food in there? How much does Riley eat? Ash eats about 2 cups, sometimes a little more twice daily…so could that even fit, or would it be throughout the day? I like the idea.

      • Yepp, I put his kibble in there. He eats about a cup a day. We bought the larger size (I think there were only 2 sizes) which is supposed to hold about 2 cups so it should fit 🙂 It’s so cute watching them figure out how it works.I’m sure Ash will have lots of fun with it!

      • The Kong arrived yesterday and we immediately tested him with it. It looks a lot like our dogs will have an issue with dominance though. Honey (the eldest,) just is curious, but Ash doesn’t want her near it, really. We tried to show Ash Honey is allowed to play with it also, but he lies in front of it like he does with the treat jar, thinking he owns it. We don’t know how to work on this, but for now this toy is going to be for them when they’re alone and under surveillance. Haha…

  2. We just brought home Auggie, a three year old lab mix, and have Jiyah, a six year old lab mix. I have not introduced toys to them yet. They play beautifully together without toys. We need some suggestions on this topic too! Total supervision at this point, it has only been 9 days!

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