Kong Product Review; Puppy’s Perspective!


So, the Kong arrived.


I’ve been smiling with it.


And I’ve been sleeping with it.


But, mostly just enjoying it. 🙂

Yes, the toy arrived earlier this week and of course Ash was a part of the opening up process. (Even filmed it!) At first, he wasn’t very sure about it. As soon as I set it on the floor all he knew was that it was another object at his level he could put his mouth on, and he sure enough did.

As my last post was about, I’ve had such a hard time finding suitable, and also durable toys for Ash and Honey to play with together. Honey has always been known to destroy cheap toys just because it’s easy and she can. Ash, however is a puppy with very sharp teeth, more sharp than usual puppy teeth I’m guessing…. My last puppy was no where near as destructive with toys and branches as Ash is.

Dingo brand and Kong are my first choices in purchasing for the dogs. They have great treats, and even better toys that last..

Ash played with the Wobbler for a good 45 minutes and when I picked it back up I noticed there were quite a few scratches, but in all, still together for a toy that had treats in it, and a dog that was hungry.

What I Know: I will no longer buy a dozen toys, each one priced for 99 cents. ALL of them are flimsy and don’t ever last long enough to be worth it. In fact, it causes more trouble for me having to go behind them to clean the pieces they created. 

Thanks Kong! Love ya. 


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