REWIND! Let us take a small look back for a moment and remember-

Recognize this gorgeous pup?

Before we met Ash

It’s our baby, Ash before we even met him!

This picture brings back so many emotions for both of us. When Chris and I saw this specific picture on the website, we just KNEW he was ours because our hearts instantly melted. This is the first picture we could actually distinguish his features. The first picture he looked more like a puppy, not a baby, and his soft eyes had us right then.

Very 1st Picture of Ash

This was the very FIRST picture we ever saw of Ash. This was also the first picture I printed of him, and still have displayed on my wall. I keep this to look up at next to my computer because he was born this day (January 16.) Just a little fur bundle, isn’t he?

We can’t say that anymore. He’s more than just a fur ball, he looks nearly grown, yet has a quite a way still.

Today, Ash is 22 weeks old.

He’s 5 months, and 9 days.

He’s been in this world for 160 days.

Earlier tonight as I was up in bed with Chris, and Ash was in between us licking my arm, I was thinking about his year birthday. Yes, I know it’s far off from now, but can you blame me for being excited? Silly me, because I have so many ideas and plans for that day. He’s gonna be big. O_O He’ll wear a party hat though. He’ll be a  a big year old Husky, with a goofy party hat on his head (if it even stays with the pointy ears he has.)

June 2013

June 2013

June 2013

June 2013

Have any throwback photos to share?

Please do!

Yours, Knikki



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