A Surprise Adventure & First For Us All! (Video Included! Please Watch :)

Good Evening, Everyone, or good day to those of you just now seeing this because you’re not up late like us!

I wanted to make sure I got this post up. 🙂

Ash is lying on the bed in between mine and Chris’ desk. He looks up at me with a huge, cheesy smile every now and then.

(Filmed when I came home from work today.)

His most favorite toy is a rope. I should just stock up on them, and keep a box stored away. Every time he goes through one, I can replace it. He’s gone quite a while without a rope because of course, he shreds it while playing with Honey.

On June 25th, we did another FIRST with Ash. 

Early Morning in June


It was early in the morning. (7 AM) 




All credit for these beautiful pictures goes to Chris. He did a great job, didn’t he? We were in the car, so that’s why some parts are blurry. 🙂 


I really love the mornings at this hour. Let me clarify, I love to be off work, and up at this time, spending it with Chris and our puppy. 

When I work, I am usually up before the sun, and have to work through sunrise, which I kinda really hate I guess.


Looooveeee no one on the road, windows down, and my 2 boys in the car with me. 🙂


Can you guess yet where our car adventure took us?

June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

He wasn’t even aware yet. How exciting this is!

June 25, 2013

Welcome to the beach, boy.
Don’t worry, you’ll love it. 


See, this is Florida water. Your home. 


He sat on the beach for a good while letting the wind blow on his face.
He and Chris ran up and down, every now and then Ash did small splashes in the water.
He was hesitant to dive in.


As you can tell. Haha
Ash pulled on his leash to tell us, “No way, guys! I’ll stay up here in the sand and watch you get trampled by ‘dem waves.”
It’s a good thing it was a green flag day.


We didn’t force him in water when he really didn’t want to, but we did pull him into it every so often so he could feel the water.
Just like at the bay, with each visit I’m sure he’ll grow more fond of the water.

He enjoyed the sand though.



I Will Sit Right Here, Holding This Leash For As Long As It Takes. Don’t Make ME GO.



At one point, Ash really did dive in! It was so cute. He just started to prance into the ocean once the waves went away, and shortly after pranced right back towards the beach.


Why the water gotta be so mad? 



What did I ever do? 


Haha! I’ll get it now!


And…now we break.

We like this picture of him. It looks like he’s in snow. If it really were, he would have a blast!


We’ll just watch the sun rise for now. This is nice. 🙂




He’s very wolf-like. It’s in his eyes. Beautiful. ❤

June 25, 2013~Sunrise

June 25, 2013~Sunrise

& now for the video!
I apologize for it being so long. Hehe. It’s 12 minutes.


3 thoughts on “A Surprise Adventure & First For Us All! (Video Included! Please Watch :)

  1. Whoa! You’re officially a beach bum!

  2. Wish we had a beach to play on, all we have is a stinky river, not too fun precious. Play bows,


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