Product Review: The Automatic Flow Dog Waterer

The Pet Waterer

Petco was having a sale, and I thought, “Just in time!” Ash & Honey needed a waterer. I was getting too tired of filling their bowls up every few hours. Ash drinks an excessive amount of water.

I was happy to find a very nice-looking one on their site for sale. You can find it here.

Petco Automatic Flow Dog Waterer in Black


If there’s one thing I really don’t like about buying for large dogs, is that the price difference between a medium-size dog item and a large-size dog item is significantly higher, maybe sometimes $5, $10, or $20! (This being my experience lately.)

Honey is considered to be small for her size, but we would go ahead and classify her as medium. So here I have a medium dog and a large dog. I should have just bought the large waterer. If the one I had bought is as small as it is, and it’s $13, and only 6 qts, don’t you agree that for my big babies, I should have just purchased the $17 with 12 qts.

Buying online is ideal, but sometimes a mistake.


Chris put this thing together while I was gone at work.
It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble and fill up. What a deal!


Now, don’t get me wrong! I love this thing. I don’t have to fill it as often as I had to with their bowls.

This job is maybe once every 2-3 days. 


The first few days I think took the dogs getting used to this new contraption.

They kept looking for water in their old bowls. Ash didn’t really want to use it at first.
He avoided it, until he realized that’s the only water he was getting.


So, I put it downstairs near the kitchen, and in the kennel area. When they come in from outside they
can easily get a drink of water.

Although, one day while I was upstairs I heard a bunch of noises coming from downstairs and I went down only to find
the water was almost all gone from inside of the bucket, and the towel was soaked, as was the floor. There Ash stood staring at me with a big grin on his face. He either thinks its a toy, or the tiny clicking noise from the sensor freaks him out.

Either way, he’s since grown okay with it.  He doesn’t growl at it, or start fights. I think before, he was just being playful with it, trying to swim like he used to do with his big water bowls.


Of course, I’m the destructive one in her stories again…Doesn’t anyone recall what Honey did to their floor?


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