What’s in a Wednesday?-Ash is a Vocal BUM BARKER!

What do Wednesday’s mean, everyone!?

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Well, it’s true. Not only is is the middle of the week, but it also happens to be the last day of July!
July wasn’t our favorite month, no not at all. Can fall get here please? Can it come soon?

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Mom says I’m a big doofus.
What does that even mean? I just like to follow her and daddy every where they go, and touch them with my mouth. How else can I guide them to the treat jar???

Yes, Ash has surpassed many things in size. 

He’s one big doofus that doesn’t even know how big he is.
His bum knocks things over, he chases his tail like it’s a rope toy,
and he knocks us over instead of us stepping on him by accident. He KNOCKS us over…

No one understands what it’s like to have a tail.
No one even understands what it’s like to grow this fast!


Wednesday was a drag for me.
It was a long day at work, and all I could think about while working was how I wanted to get home and see the boys.

The long day turned my mood sour, but when I got home Chris really lifted my spirits.

He told me the funniest story about Ash, and I couldn’t stop laughing for quite some time.

So, today while I was cleaning upstairs around Ash’s kennel, he did something really strange. He farted, and then barked at himself afterwards.

Wait, Chris what? You’re saying he got angry for farting?

I guess he was startled by it. He was doing that usual thing where he sleeps on his back with his belly up in the air, and his butt facing the fan. 

So, basically he farted while he was sleeping, and then the noise surprised him and he yelped!? 

Lately, it’s cute how vocal Ash is becoming.

The other day he was talking to his treat.
The next day he was spinning and circles, barking at his own tail.
Today, he’s yelling at his own bum…


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