Would We Adopt Another Husky?

Would We Adopt Another Husky?

Someone just the other day was talking to me on the subject of dog adoptions. This person said that I am so proud of raising a Husky, but does that mean that I wouldn’t want to have any other dog?

You may not know that Chris and I actually bought Ash from a husky ranch. Looking back on that now, it was probably not the best decision for many small reasons rolled into one. What was the BEST decision was our puppy choice, because we love love love our furry child with all our hearts! ❤

We already know that unfortunately, after Honey is to pass away, we want to start again with another furry brother or sister for Ash. But’cha know what?

The next “new addition” will not have to be a Siberian Husky. No, this isn’t because of our previous experience getting Ash, or because we would want a dog just like Honey, or even Cutie. Having a Malamute is ideal! Yet, adopting a dog that really needs us, that’s a really nice thought and it’s a must.

I could tell when I first held Ash in my arms the first day we got him, that he was ours. He needed us from the get-go. He took to us very well very soon. The connection we made with Ash as a puppy isn’t because of what breed he is.

He’s a handsome pup, that’s for sure.

Chris and I both can love basically every dog. We’re animal lovers to the bone… Hell, sometimes we even love ’em over humans! Who doesn’t, am I right? 🙂

Whenever the time comes, we KNOW that taking our time in choosing a dog is a must. It may be a 8 week baby, it may be older, but whichever, we definitely want to share our love, and expand the doggy family no matter what breed.


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