You Don’t Belong There!


As he wonders why I’m on the opposite side of the window without him…


9 thoughts on “You Don’t Belong There!

  1. Ash has gotten so big! Beautiful boy, treasure every minute & capture as many images as possible. ~amy

    • He is SO big! Sometimes ever morning feels like he’s grown another inch. All he does is nudge me with his head, and even that is sometimes too much force.

      Thank you, I will treasure it. I’ve already seen how fast it goes. I miss him being tiny enough to be carried.

      • You may miss carrying him around. Remember that to others it looks as though a wold walks beside you. How cool is that? ~amy

      • I like that way of looking at it. 🙂 Have you seen the new video I put up? It’s a montage of him as a baby.

        Ash is very much like a wolf though… Sometimes at night when he looks at me through the sliding glass door with his blue eyes, it’s very intimidating.

      • Never back down from a challenge. Huskies are always testing boundaries, like a two year old. You must be Alpha at all times! -amy

      • Thanks for the advice. 🙂

      • Sorry, I know you didn’t ask for it. I’ve had big dogs all my life. I fostered & then adopted a husky female & I don’t know her as well as the dogs I’ve raised as puppies…she unnerves me at times too. 🙂 ~amy

      • Yea, I’m sure the dog you fostered would do that even more-so. Ash is beginning to test me and Chris. Just yesterday is tried to get out of his harness for the first time in public. I was scared and didn’t know how to handle it.

      • Firm no! He is no longer a puppy – he needs a firm, strong leader or he won’t respect you. He will love you more for it, I promise. Hide fear. This is how dogs end up in shelters because they don’t realize that their baby is now a teenager & they are the worst without a strong leader. You can do it!!!

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