For Those Of You Out There <3

To everyone out there that supports this blog, leaves your love, and shares your wisdom here:

Every single follower earned on this blog matters to me. 
I was so happy to be driving down the road, on my way home today,
when I received a text message about 2 new followers!

Each notification is proof that people are out there somewhere admiring something I’ve put up, and coming from an internet lurker myself, it’s such a honor.

My biggest reason for sharing my new life here in Florida is so that others can share the happiness I have just from seeing my little Asher’s smile.

I feel like I’m one fish in an Ocean, so small in a web of internet sharing, and blogs galore!
But I keep on swimming, with my school of followers already dog–blog–paddling with me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “For Those Of You Out There <3

  1. Congrats! New followers rock!! Play bows,


  2. It’s been a pleasure watching Ash grow 🙂 Keep the posts coming!

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