Reaching A HUGE Milestone!

This was an important experience for Chris and I, especially little Asher! Yesterday, I took Ash on a car ride through town. I usually try to get him in the car with me once every couple of weeks. Not too much, because he’s so big, and our car has leather seats; Haha. It had just rained, and it finally cooled down a lot. It the perfect time for Ash to be out with me. He especially enjoyed the cool wind down the road. My only concern was when he nearly jumped out of the window going down the Highway… :/ Somehow, he got the window down further even though the lock was on. I still don’t know about that…

We stopped by the neighborhood dog park, which is typically not crowded at all. It’s behind woods, and we live in a small town anyways. I wasn’t worried about people. However, I was anxious to see his reaction to other dogs. I was thankful that when we arrived, there was just one lady and her two small dogs on one side of the fence. They were in the small dogs part of the park. I let Ash off his leash, and we walked over to them with the fence between us. Her dogs were curious, and even one was barking and freaking Ash out, so I made sure Ash “introduced” himself to calm the little one down.

He at first would cower behind me, but I kept moving, letting him stand his own ground. He did. Just a few moments after the introduction to the small dogs, another lady with a dog about the size of Ash joined us on our side. Ash instantly took interest as they were both walking toward us.

I was very happy to discover how well Ash did with another dog, especially since it was his first experience. The only other time he gets to play with other dogs is at home with Honey, and even she doesn’t like it because she’s old. This was good for him. With the adventure to the park, and the time spent playing, and getting to know other dogs, Ash will grow up to be the social Husky we so desire.

Chris and I have discussed the fact that he really deserved a dog to play with at home. Honey doesn’t have it in her to keep up with his energy and playfulness. She’s been outgrown for quite some time and we can see it in her actions lately.

We watched a lot of documentaries and advice videos for training your dogs, and socializing them the correct way. Our biggest fear was that he would be jealous, territorial, frightened, or intimidated. He has turned out to be none of the above, and we are SO VERY grateful for this.

As I was talking to the other dog owners, they let me in on tips for where to take Ash in the future. I didn’t even know how many dog-friendly places we have!

Let me know about your socialization stories, please! I’d love to get to know more. 🙂

Enjoy the video.

– Knikki, Proud doggy Mama


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