Hold Me Close, Ash 4 Months

Today, Ash is 
36 weeks
& 8 months old!

September 27, 2013


My, how he’s grown!
Everything about him has changed; from the thickness of his fur, to the scruffiness of his tail, right down to darkness of his coat. Hey, even his eyes have lightened. We kinda miss the vivid blue color though, to be honest. 😦

May 2013

Ash at 4 Months

Isn’t he beautiful with the brown leaves under his paws? We can’t wait for Fall this year!
Ash’s first Halloween…. Oooooh!! It’s a good thing we have our very own wolf. 😉
…. A sweet, harmless one that is. 



Lately, Ash doesn’t do too much, except for crash into things, and trip those of us that are headed somewhere.
He doesn’t realize his size, but then again, what dog does?! He does give the best hugs though. We love snuggling with this big boy. He’s so strong!



He’s very content simply lying on the floor near one of us.
He can go a good hour doing just this… and other times he’s a hippity-hoppity puppy that won’t leave you alone.<3


He’s the sweetest, he really is. 
I don’t know what we would do without this
big guy in our lives.




I sat for you, can I have a treat now?



High-fives to our boy for 8 months!


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