The Foo-Food Husky

Ever since the first day we brought Ash home, he has loved food. The excitement he had when we would ask if he wanted “foo-food” was unexplainable, and is always humorous.

Well hello there, Mr. Vocal

Hey everyone!  Happy Halloween to you all. Hope you have many exciting plans.
Don’t forget your pups tonight! Make them some delicious treats also.

Chris and I started our festivities out with sugar cookies.

He was really wanting some, so I was up a while last night baking a few batches for him as well as for my awesome co-workers. Everyone seemed to like them. Still deciding on whether I should make Ash those pumpkin cookies I posted about a few days ago…

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A Typical Night In Our Home

And this was just a week night…1390620_641865125852802_471035731_nI think this is as close to a family portrait we’re going to get for a while.

Mr. Anxious

Mr. Anxious

We were headed out the door to get a late night snack, hugging the dogs before we left. Ash got a little ahead of himself and assumed we were all going into the bedroom for our usual jump in bed and watch Netflix until sleep time.

Welcoming Fall <3

I told Ash the weather would get nicer.. and boy, is he glad. 🙂

Weather has dropped to around 68 in Florida for the morning hours at least! We’ve taken advantage of earlier walks, and Ash is grateful. I’ve never experienced the fall season to be this pretty here. It was warmer last year. 

Hm, it’s funny though… my Florida friends have asked why it is I’ve been wearing shorts around. I should be in jackets!

Really, should I? 
I come from Texas, you’ll have to remember. This isn’t even cold weather yet. Sure, it’s getting chillier, but this is just the very end to shorts weather. I’m going to take advantage, you hear me!

I’m not sure if Ash will ever get to experience “his kind” of weather unless of course we move, or go on vacation in the winter. Hell, we call our room his igloo, and he prefers it over any other room in the house.