{Poll} Letting Your Pets Roam Free, What do you think? {Poll}

Do you ever get in the car, and make it half-way to your destination before you realize,
“Hey, I think I forgot something.”

We all have.


In this case, I had forgot to put Ash in his kennel.
He was roaming the house freely.
Oh no, the trash is full….


And this was him when I had returned.

Lately, however, Chris and I have been able to go to bed with Ash in our bedroom, and wake up to the room the way we left it the previous night. He hasn’t made any messes, or hopped up on our bed with us while we slept.

This is a great sign! I don’t think I’m ready to let him stay out in the house just yet though. I’m too afraid of all the things he could get into. How horrible would it be to come home to destroyed couch? O_O

So I ask you: At what age should a dog be allowed to freely roam the house when you’re away, if ever? 

I know of many pet owners that always secure their dogs in an area when they leave. Trusting your dogs with your furniture can be really difficult. When I lived with my parents, our two dogs were allowed out of their kennels while we slept. A lot of the time we would wake up to potty accidents, and toilet paper rolls destroyed. If ever I left my bedroom door open, and my dirty clothes were accessible, my underwear would get torn up as well.

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a TAD BIT leery of the idea still.


3 thoughts on “{Poll} Letting Your Pets Roam Free, What do you think? {Poll}

  1. Riley’s had free roam from about 8 months on ward. There were a few potty hiccups but it’s been smooth sailing since.

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