Florida & Dogs

I think we have some things to discuss.


Like for instance, Mom… why did you feel the need to change my diet?

Well Ash….


Mother, I really don’t CARE what you have to say. We should also bring up the fact that I am STILL itchy even after the medicine you made me take. Don’t even get me started on the fact that you HID it in cheese. You know that’s a rare treat for me…

Now Ash, I didn’t know it would be this way. We are in the process of..


Oh my gosh! You are boring me…


See, you think I’m not listening to you guys when I’m in bed “asleep.”

Ash, what’s that supposed to mean?


You both want to make Sister and I suffer, but I’m too handsome to do this to my fur.

Oh, goodness. You are so dramatic.  
We’re making appointments towards getting you into the Vet as soon as possible. 


Oh! You never told me this.

And I thought you heard it all…


Hurry soon, please.

Lately, we’ve been stressing over the dogs and the flea problem. It seems like this area is bad about fleas… at least that’s what I’m calling them. I’ve seen the little black guys crawling around, and I’ve bought the medicine. Even a friend of mine said that medicine didn’t work on their dog… and that he is just destroying parts of his fur. This makes me feel so helpless, but I can only home that in the next couple of weeks we won’t have this problem.


Other than this, the pups are very happy as usual.



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