About Knikki

Knikki 2013

Knikki is my name, born and raised 19 years of my life in the good ol’ heart of Texas, well nearly anyways..

I moved to Florida with my boyfriend of 5 years, Chris after my 18th birthday. Why, you might ask? Being with him is important, and being in Florida is important to him. Now that I live here, gosh it’s the best place to be. I can actually breathe here, what’dya know!?

September-Road Trip out of Texas

September-Road Trip out of Texas

This blog has been good for me. I started it in January when he and I made the choice to get a Siberian Husky puppy together.

Since then, I’ve been able to share our experiences with other people, and it’s helped me to find something of my own away from home. Now, Florida is my home and this is what you will see. 

Some things about me just for the heck of it!

Birthday: September 9th (19, this year!)
Favorite Color: Green of mostly any shade (I like blue a lot now though)
Hobbies/What I spend a lot of free time with: Photography, Picture-framing, and of course blogging!

Work: MOST of the time I’m at work. I’m a Drive-Thru trainer (glamorous isn’t it!?)

School: I’ll be attending college this upcoming year. My passion for a long time has been to study Psychology.
Yes, I do get into all of the psychology-type shows. Shows that delve deep into the the mind of mentally-ill people, or those with psychosis really intrigue me. This doesn’t mean I want to be a psychiatrist though, I wish people would stop making that assumption.

 I think this is just a huge infatuation I have. I’m not sure what to do with it yet.

Animals from Home:

Thomas-The kitty I left behind

Thomas-The kitty I left behind–I guess in my dresser?

Meako-My best friend

Meako-My best friend

Thank you for your views!


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