Baby Ducklings & Prancing Pups!

 The Mama has a strong instinct to protect her ducklings.


Chris and I arrived in Texas a few months ago, and one of the first things I wanted to do was take go to the park. I grew up going to this particular park, and it was a pleasure to meet this Mama and her ducklings, even though she didn’t feel the same way. Ahaha…



No, Ash didn’t tag along in this little adventure, but I’m certain he would have harassed the babies. 



Knikki 2014

Don’t worry anyone! Ash does still exist…. and we are still alive and well. 🙂 

IMG_4806 IMG_4823

I’d really like to apologize for being so scarce, once again. As I’m sure many of you can understand, moving is very difficult, especially when it’s across quite a few states, and with a very special dog that needed to adjust to his surroundings…. 

Thankfully at this point we are just about settled in, and Ash quite likes our new home! In fact, I’m sure he loves it even more because our yard is bigger, cleaner, and he has his own bedroom. 🙂 

IMG_4706 IMG_4707 IMG_4709 IMG_4756

Let me know who all is still out there! Love ya 🙂 


We Moved!

Why so scarce? 

The family has moved! Ash, Chris, and myself are now settled into a beautiful home in Texas. Needless to say, Florida wasn’t working out, and some things came up in our lives. We are very happy with where we are now though.


May 2014

May 2014

Photo-Bombing Beauty!





Oh Boy, who could it be!?






The follow pictures of me featured, may be unflattering, but Ash is such a babe that it doesn’t even matter.





He likes to be a photo-bomber, because he enjoys being the center of attention constantly. 🙂 





Alright Ash, now that eyes are on you, what do you have for us, boy?






I hope all is well in the lives of you all reading. Summer is approaching us here in Florida, and we are super duper… excited ???

True Friendships


There have been plenty of park visits in the last 2 weeks. In fact, Ash has become one social pup. Many friends have been made.


Today, we were introduced to Taylor…isn’t she gorgeous? They were in love, and wouldn’t leave each other alone, following one another to both ends of the park.



Taylor couldn’t exactly keep up with Ash once a smaller puppy joined in, but she watched from a close distance with such devotion.


Watching these dogs in action at the park has had me thinking. How incredible is it that dogs can run up to another dog, and just get along. Of course there are those episodes of dominance and territory that come to play for certain dogs, but making friends for them is the easiest thing in the world.



They are entertained and happy with the simplest of things. I would be perfectly happy to die and come back as any one of these guys..




While our roommate moved out this weekend, Ash moved back in! Well, his kennel did. It was outside all this time…we haven’t really needed it lately.

Ash really enjoys having his big kennel back though. We set it up like a comfy bed, and took out the metal floor so he sleeps on a quilt. No noise! 😀