1st Birthday + Updates + Instagram + Uncut Video Footage!

It’s my Birthday, and I’ll sit if I want to

This is almost a week late, but I’m still trying to get by with a laptop that acts like a dinosaur, and the battery charger for my camera has come up missing! I’ve literally spent the last few weeks either cleaning or watching American Dad marathons on Netflix. Yep, I’m almost through the entire show! I haven’t felt very productive, but I did manage to throw a mini celebration of Ash turning a year old on the 16th.

You know you’re a loving pet owner, when for a month you’re thinking about all the different things you can do to make your pup’s birthday special. I mean, it’s not like they’re gonna know! Ash just wanted his toy and a few treats. He could give 2 paws down if he has silly streamers, or balloons. He’s a dog! I did make a bunch of plans, and set out to get him a lot of fun stuff, but plans fall through, and as of lately… plans fall through a lot. Ha..
The thing is that Chris and I have thus far raised a very happy Husky. Sure, he gets overly-excited still, and refuses to sit until about the fourth request, but that’s Mr. Ash, and he still needs some workin’ on. We just met the 1 year milestone. We have many more to go.
Ash's 1st Birthday - 1/16/13

Ash’s 1st Birthday – 1/16/13


ALSO! Since my computer went down a couple of months ago, and I’ve not been able to edit and do much on my current laptop, I find myself posting much more on my Instagram account! Please, if you love seeing Ash and Honey, come follow us there.

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Ash Adjusts To Life Again

“These last two weeks have been ruff. I’m missing a big part of me..”
January Ash
“I find myself wandering the house, asking “wut r this?” because I’ve been away too long.”
what r this

what r this

“Mom put up a tree where my room used to be.”
Ash's 1st Christmas Tree

Ash’s 1st Christmas Tree

Leaving Behind 2013

While Christmas came and went for everyone else, the Viechec family had a later start.


A good friend of mine from work gifted Chris and I with a tree, ornaments, and wrapping paper so we could celebrate properly next year. I had expressed to her that we didn’t have decorations. She says it was our wedding present. 🙂 I am still so amazed by how loving and generous my coworkers are.


What do you think, Ash, should it stay up until February??


The last 2 weeks have been rather hectic! The blog has suffered through it all… We had a house guest, we GOT MARRIED! Christmas happened, our anniversary happened, and Ash was neutered.


It really has been the longest 2 weeks of my life. I’m just thankful Ash can be out of his kennel, and with us again.


As for the rest of us? We’re doing just fine.. 🙂


Hungry & Distraught


“Mom…Dad, you can’t go to Christmas dinner and just leave me here! After all I’ve been through this week? “

What Are We To Do?


What are we to do with this big guy? Chris and I came home from a Christmas party my work family hosted. Ash was there on the couch waiting for us. He’s outgrowing Chris and I both; nearly as tall as me when he stands up on his hind legs!