1st Birthday + Updates + Instagram + Uncut Video Footage!

It’s my Birthday, and I’ll sit if I want to

This is almost a week late, but I’m still trying to get by with a laptop that acts like a dinosaur, and the battery charger for my camera has come up missing! I’ve literally spent the last few weeks either cleaning or watching American Dad marathons on Netflix. Yep, I’m almost through the entire show! I haven’t felt very productive, but I did manage to throw a mini celebration of Ash turning a year old on the 16th.

You know you’re a loving pet owner, when for a month you’re thinking about all the different things you can do to make your pup’s birthday special. I mean, it’s not like they’re gonna know! Ash just wanted his toy and a few treats. He could give 2 paws down if he has silly streamers, or balloons. He’s a dog! I did make a bunch of plans, and set out to get him a lot of fun stuff, but plans fall through, and as of lately… plans fall through a lot. Ha..
The thing is that Chris and I have thus far raised a very happy Husky. Sure, he gets overly-excited still, and refuses to sit until about the fourth request, but that’s Mr. Ash, and he still needs some workin’ on. We just met the 1 year milestone. We have many more to go.
Ash's 1st Birthday - 1/16/13

Ash’s 1st Birthday – 1/16/13


ALSO! Since my computer went down a couple of months ago, and I’ve not been able to edit and do much on my current laptop, I find myself posting much more on my Instagram account! Please, if you love seeing Ash and Honey, come follow us there.

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Our 1 Year Old (Farewell 2013)

11 more days!

December 2013

December 2013

Ash came home with us at the end of February 2013, and he came into this world on the 16th of this month a year ago. We have had such a fun year in 2013 with our boy, Asher. I can’t believe he’s grown, and I still can’t believe how small he was at one time.

February 2013

February 2013
Ash hiding under Knikki

I will be the very first one to admit that we have had a rough year though. It wasn’t easy by any means! The only easy part about bringing a Husky into our home has been loving him, and making him a member of our tiny family.

The first few months of our transition to “Doggy Parenthood” consisted of late nights of him crying, plenty of sheets and towels going in and out of the washer and dryer, and shoe-wearing in the house all because of our little rascal. While the first few months definitely made for cute pictures and adorable “firsts,” we’re happy to be where we are now.

Ash & Honey 2013

Ash & Honey 2013

We know that Honey sure did have a wake up call this year. Just when she thought she’d have a little sibling to play with and run circles around all she wanted, Ash surpassed her in size within a few months… she’s been an old, pooped dog since.

To anyone out there considering a Husky for their home, and hasn’t yet known what it’s like, here’s some advice:

{x} Have a big area for your dog, whether that means living in a house with a good bit of space, or having a yard spacious enough for the dog to run around in. I don’t know how we would manage raising Ash if it weren’t for where we live. He’s rambunctious, energetic, fast, and happy all the time. Siberian Huskies need to run, and they need space.

{x} Have a good diet in mind. With any pet, you need to research nutrition facts, and look for the best food options. We went through 4 different types of food in his first year before finding the food that suits him best. Changing the diet of a pet can upset their stomachs and cause them to be sick a lot of the time. We went through a lot of stress dealing with horrific digestion issues, and dirty kennels. Huskies have allergies as it is, their food is most important in helping them be healthy.

{x} Own cleaning materials! We should all have the basic essentials, but you’re definitely going to want a vacuum, a swiffer (if in a house where you don’t have carpet,) a dog comb, and plenty of towels! If you’re on top of it all, you don’t have to worry about smells too much. You’ll be washing your Husky regularly… and vacuuming the mountains of hair also. ha…

{x} Be able to afford your animal. I can’t stress this one enough! Animals shouldn’t be a burden for you. They’re your family members, and should receive the proper care, such as Vet visits, play things, and delicious treats for when they’re good. 🙂 Chris and I being so young, and having our first pet together, we had to figure this one out the hard way. In fact, the majority of our Christmas this year was focused on expenses for Asher-Basher, and I’m not complaining. He’s our baby.

{x} Training and Obedience, which also goes along with the previous tip! If you can afford training classes, then you’re set. If you can properly train your dog already, then you have it made. Ash is a pain in our butt sometimes, because yet again, he’s our first dog, we’re young, and have never done this! Siberian Huskies are very intelligent creatures, and they pick up on things very quickly. This is how Chris was able to teach Ash every basic dog trick in the span of one day. However, Huskies are VERY known for being stubborn and thick-skulled. This is where the obedience courses will come in…

Beach 2013

Beach 2013

{x} Allow for plenty of play and fun!! We have only had one Husky, so we only get one view. Ash happens to be very active in that he rarely just lounges for an entire day unless he doesn’t feel good (and that in itself is rare…) Chris is very good with Ash, running around the house, playing rough with him. It’s good to be hands-on and excited with Huskies I think.

So, in just a couple of weeks we will be saying I suppose, farewell to the puppy days? Boy, have we enjoyed our big guy. Him being a part of our family makes everything so much better.


Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

January 16th of this year we brought baby Ash home and he was ours. When the new year rings in, Ash will officially be 1 YEAR! We are thrilled, and I intend to spend this entire month of December planning wonderful things for him. I’m such a Doggy Mom, aren’t I?! I love it.

Husky-Pom Crossbreed “Pomsky”

Can anyone say…. CUTIE-PATOOTIE!? 

I want this little guy running around my house. 🙂
He’s a Husky and Pomeranian mix.
The other day at work, someone came to the drive-thru with a Pomeranian in her lap. Her dog was very sweet, and behaved. I admired her dog, and told her that I have a Siberian Husky almost a year old, and seeing her little guy made me want one just like him. She then told me about Husky-Pom mixes she’s seen at shelters, and how gorgeous and tiny they are. I just had to do some research! I want a baby just like this! Do you think Ash or Honey would approve?

Maybe I should get Chris on my side first…

Let’s take a moment to admire and take in the Pomsky beauty, shall we?

Meep the Pomsky as a puppy at 10 weeks old

Meep at 10 weeks

Noki the Pomsky as a puppy at 5 weeks old

Noki at 5 weeks
(he reminds me of Ash!) 
Just look at his tiny little legs 😉

Noki the Pomsky as a puppy at 10 weeks old

Noki at 10 weeks

Leasing to Demons

The other day someone asked how Ash can be a puppy, yet act so mellow?
Maybe a lot of it has to do with the method of which we play with the little guy…

When it comes down to personality,  Mine and Chris’ methods of playing and socializing with the dogs can vary.


Chris is typically more rough, and handles his strength best. 
You HAVE to be rough with this dog, or you couldn’t function around him at all.
He would knock you over on your butt, and literally walk all over you if you didn’t. 
Chris helps me know how to handle my strength in accordance with Ash. 

It’s strange to have a smaller being than you weigh more, and use his strength better
than you know how to use your own. It gets me every time, but I’m getting better! 

I’m the more gentle one, well of course!
When Ash was a very small pup, just learning to run confidently I had to make my first

attempt at discipline. It sort of broke my heart even telling him “No” because looking at him whether
he was being bad or not made me melt. His sad eyes, and petite face made me feel as though it was wrong to get upset.

However, that’s the just the Momma instincts in me, and frankly… just being a girl
I learned that a smack on the nose when your pup was acting up was a good way to get their attention.
I did so when he deserved it, which resulted in him getting angry and biting his teeth hard into me.
That was the very first and the last time I saw Ash angry or fierce.

I’ve always been bigger on cuddling and comforting Ash, which made him respect me less, love me more.
We’ve since addressed the issue, and he does listen to me more, but it’s very clear that Chris is the more respected one in the household. 

As far as when it comes to playful time, I’m peppy and carry a nicer tone.
Chris keeps Ash energetic with his hyper-ness, and rough nature. 


Ash Can’t Wait To Be King (Special Video!)

Our little boy is 8 months old now, and it’s amazing to see how much he has grown! Some of our greatest memories come from these days, and we are so happy to be creating many more.

I’m always the one behind the edited videos, and pictures of the dogs, but little does anyone know that CHRIS is the star editor in the relationship.

He actually put this together, and I do say it’s the perfect theme to the memories we have of earlier Ash. ❤

Like this post if you’d like Chris to put together more and MORE montage videos!

Rediscovering Old Toys

I remember when Ash was that tiny, and his favorite toy was lambchop, twice the size of him. 


 I tried to get him to play with this little blue bone, but he wouldn’t because the loud squeaker frightened him. 

photo (1)

Now, at 7 months he’s rediscovered it. He looks so silly!