Baby Ducklings & Prancing Pups!

 The Mama has a strong instinct to protect her ducklings.


Chris and I arrived in Texas a few months ago, and one of the first things I wanted to do was take go to the park. I grew up going to this particular park, and it was a pleasure to meet this Mama and her ducklings, even though she didn’t feel the same way. Ahaha…



No, Ash didn’t tag along in this little adventure, but I’m certain he would have harassed the babies. 



Knikki 2014

Don’t worry anyone! Ash does still exist…. and we are still alive and well. 🙂 

IMG_4806 IMG_4823

I’d really like to apologize for being so scarce, once again. As I’m sure many of you can understand, moving is very difficult, especially when it’s across quite a few states, and with a very special dog that needed to adjust to his surroundings…. 

Thankfully at this point we are just about settled in, and Ash quite likes our new home! In fact, I’m sure he loves it even more because our yard is bigger, cleaner, and he has his own bedroom. 🙂 

IMG_4706 IMG_4707 IMG_4709 IMG_4756

Let me know who all is still out there! Love ya 🙂 


Happy Helper


Daddy’s Burfday is tewmorrow, and Mom NEEDED my help.

True Doggy Parents

True Doggy Parents

True animal Parents treat their beloved pets just like they would their own children. As a parent to the only child I have, Mr. Ash as you can see in the previous picture; I celebrate these momentous events such as his first birthday. He’s my baby, and I’m incredibly grateful to have this loving being around to teach me the ways of forgiveness and patience.

How do you celebrate the birthdays, or do you?

Who Wants Cookies?


I love buying treats for my dogs. My favorite place to get their goodies is Petco. I went in today and they had holiday cookies in clearance. Of course it didn’t bother me; cookies are cookies and the pups will love them, especially with snowmen sprinkles!

An Angel Sent In (Finding Lost Animals)

Big new for Chris and I! We celebrated our 5 year Anniversary last Friday! ❤

However, before we took our weekend getaway, Ash had an appointment with the vet to see how his healing was coming along. Unfortunately, he isn’t yet healed and actually had swelling so we were forced to make him stay in a small kennel while we were away. Our roommate was nice enough to look after him while we were gone.

photo (8)

He slept like a baby on the way to the vet and back. 🙂

While waiting in the office, Chris and I witnessed something amazing!
An elderly man walked inside holding a beautiful, full-grown Malamute. We were so intrigued, we listened in on what he was telling the women at the front desk. He explained that the dog had been wandering across the Highway, and the owner was no where to be found. Chris and I looked at each other, and wanted desperately to reach out and claim the gorgeous dog.

They took him back to be scanned for a microchip, they didn’t find one.
The nurses asked the man if he wanted to take the dog home, or leave him with them to see if he would be claimed. The man exchanged information and said that he wanted the dog if no one came looking for him. Chris and I were heartbroken! However, reality sunk in that the cost of 3 dogs, 2 of which would be large Malamute/Husky,  and Malamutes having more fur than Ash already has being the slender, less fluffy dog he is…it just didn’t seem smart.

We left the Vet office so upset we couldn’t take him home with us. We sat in the car for a good 5 minutes battling whether or not we should go back in and request to take his picture. We just really wanted to remember how pretty he was.

photo (7)

Poor Thing…







I’d like to apologize for being so scarce this week. 

This week however, has been the busiest we have experienced this entire year!

The week started with finishing up Ash’s vaccinations, and rabies shot.
Honey showed up with a hurt leg, so that was another trip to the vet…

but what really made this week FUN is the neutering Ash was unlucky enough to go through.


The entire car ride home, he would not look me in the eyes. Mind you, the trip was 1 hour!



Of course, we expect to be forgiven in another week or so…

Ash has been causing us hell, that’s for sure. Instead of staying over-night at the Vet office, he came home with us hours after his surgery. We were given instructions not to let him act his usual self (easy enough, right? No…) He isn’t supposed to jump around playfully, or run at all. It doesn’t help that he still isn’t trained on the leash well enough for us to let him to from the kennel to go potty.

How do people neuter and spay their puppies, I mean REALLY!?

So, we have Ash’s big kennel outside on the porch, he has a bed with sheets, and a bowl of water, but he has spent the last few days being out there, DESTROYING the plastic e-collar we payed $30 for. We finally had to purchase dog sedatives so that he would calm down. He was feeling too much like his normal self, and that isn’t going to help him heal at all….

P.S. Did I mention the emergency trip back to the vet after seeing blood?
Ash, why are you being difficult? :/