Photo-Bombing Beauty!





Oh Boy, who could it be!?






The follow pictures of me featured, may be unflattering, but Ash is such a babe that it doesn’t even matter.





He likes to be a photo-bomber, because he enjoys being the center of attention constantly. 🙂 





Alright Ash, now that eyes are on you, what do you have for us, boy?






I hope all is well in the lives of you all reading. Summer is approaching us here in Florida, and we are super duper… excited ???


Singing Red Man & Peeping Dogs

There was an unwanted guest lurking in our yard. 
Ash wasn’t much of a help though. 
He hid behind me, and dug at my feet.
Does anyone know why he did this?

Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

January 16th of this year we brought baby Ash home and he was ours. When the new year rings in, Ash will officially be 1 YEAR! We are thrilled, and I intend to spend this entire month of December planning wonderful things for him. I’m such a Doggy Mom, aren’t I?! I love it.

FAQ Regarding the Babies!

I made my own version of a pet tag.

These are just the questions asked by people I know in person, and even some of you out there that have messaged me!

I *tag all of you that have watched this to make a video of your own and share it with me here! 

Add some of your own questions even. I’d love to get to know more pets in the community.

(1) Where did you get your pet?
(2) How old is this pet?
(3) Were their previous owners? 
(4) If you have multiple pets, do they all get along? 
(5) Do you favor one pet over another?
(6) What do you feed your pets? 
(7) What treats do you give them?
(8) What do your pets play with?
(9) Where do your pets sleep? 
(10) Are they allowed on the furniture?

Trickin’ For Treats

Asher can do many tricks. Chris even taught him all the basic commands in one day when he was just a few months old! It’s true what they say about Siberian Huskies; they are fast learners, and very intelligent creatures.

The latest trick he knows is to “bow.” 
I actually taught him that one!

Chris and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner one night, when I came across our training clicker. We bought it a few months before getting Ash because we thought we would use it. It hasn’t been until recently that we actually have. I looked at the pamphlet that showed different instances where you’d use the clicker, and one of the tricks listed was bowing. I was really curious as to whether Ash could pick up on it, so just for fun I grabbed a treat, and motioned him downwards, only saying the word “bow.” He did it on his first try! Of course, it took a couple more repetitions before he really got the hang of it. 

So far, Ash can:

*roll over
*play dead

I wonder what we should teach him next…
I really want him to learn the “Go Lay Down” command. xD

Already 7 Months?

Good Morning To You

Good Morning To You

This morning it was Ash and I in the house while the guys and Hun slept a few extra hours.

August 2013

August 2013

When it’s my day off, Ash is out with me all morning while Chris gets his beauty rest.

August 2013

What’cha lookin’ at, boy?

So many int’restin’ objects that run, and climb. 
How come I’m never free out there???

Silly Ash, you should know the front yard is off limits by now. Just wait for our walk tonight! 

 6 months, 25 days

6 months, 25 days

His innocent face, and cheesy grin. I love seeing this every day.
~ He’s never sad. ~

Are you positive I can't play out front?

Are you positive I can’t play out front?

We’ve discovered recently, that Ash desperately wants someone to play rope with him. He follows (me at least) around the house with his rope, sticking his nose between my legs, trying to make me grab on. He wants a tug of war buddy now that Honey has grown tired of his craziness.

Please Play..

Please Play..

In just a few more days he will be 7 months old! I really can’t believe it. 🙂
He’s become such a handsome boy.
Am I being such a doggy mom to say I’m proud of us?  We’re doing well, I say.

Happy ALMOST 7 Months, Ash!

Happy ALMOST 7 Months, Ash!

He has muscles… teehee.