While our roommate moved out this weekend, Ash moved back in! Well, his kennel did. It was outside all this time…we haven’t really needed it lately.

Ash really enjoys having his big kennel back though. We set it up like a comfy bed, and took out the metal floor so he sleeps on a quilt. No noise! 😀



Mama, Can I Fold?

Mama, Can I Fold?

Sometimes I do wish this little buddy did help with some of the chores, you know, like what a little person could be there for. Although, the fact remains that I am a doggy momma, and NOT a Mommy, so when Ash brings me his rope, and he messed up my perfectly folded pile of clothes, I play with him. Sure, sometimes I raise my voice and get frustrated. Afterall, he runs around with his tongue constantly out and gets everything so slobbery! It’s nasty… but, I’m glad to have him in my life. I’m glad he is mine and Chris’ responsibility, and not diapers and late night feedings.

Should Animals Be Allowed On The Bed?


I don’t know. Would you deny someone this cute?

Most people would agree that dogs are great cuddle buddies, but this begs the question, should we allow them in our beds? 

Conventional wisdom tells us that letting your dog sleep in your bed with you can cause them to believe they’re the alpha, giving them the illusion they’re in control because in bed, they (large dogs at least) are taller than you.

Currently, Ash has either Chris or I with him at home during the day. The only time he’s ever alone (in his kennel,) is when the both of us are doing errands outside of the house. We don’t let Ash roam the house while we’re here for more than 3 hours at a time. He’s always with one of us, but a lot of the time he’s also outside doing his business and playing alone, sleeping in his kennel, eating in his kennel, underneath the stairs, or lying on the floor somewhere with a toy, or even just napping. These activities are all when he’s by himself, so of course, when we lie down to sleep, we allow Ash up in our bed for a while, sometimes he’s even good enough to nap…sometimes.

Dogs take comfort in your company, just being near you.

Sleeping with your dog, and having him in your bed may have negative factors. In fact, these are quite logical.

Whether or not you’re actually allergic to pet dander, you pup goes outside to go to the bathroom, get exercise and generally just have fun. And while he’s out there, he’s exposed to a number of things you could be allergic too, not the least of which is pollen, which will stick in his fur, which he subsequently brings to the bed, which could aggravate your symptoms.

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I’d rather have this. Wouldn’t you?


Bathtub Invasion!!

Ash at 5 months, almost always tries to jump in the tub with whoever is taking a bath, or even just when the tub is empty. He loves water, and even more, he loves to take off with stuff we’re using if we don’t close the door!

Lonely Nights!

No one loves me, no one cares....

No one loves me, no one cares….

Chris is dead asleep! He’s been that way for a few hours now and I’m not about to wake him up. He’s too sleepy.

It’s only been the dogs and I for 4 1/2 hours, which is fine, it’s just that they don’t want to play with me today, and today of all days,

I could use their love and affection!

As I sat down to first write this out, guess who came upstairs to check on me?

Ash walked up to the bed, stood on the edge and looked at me, tilting his head.

“Hi Momma, what’s up?”

I mean, that’s what he said in my mind…

Gosh, this house is just TOO quiet tonight.


I’m off to put Ash to bed, and then put myself to bed! Everyone have a good night, and enjoy the weekend!

Great News, Everyone!

Silly Days!

May 19, 2013


Tomorrow will mark the 16th week visit to the vet! Know what this means? Ash gets his tags and he becomes an official dog of Florida. 😉

Such proud doggy parents we are.

Can’t you tell how excited they are? It looks like Chris wants to get his tags too…