Photo-Bombing Beauty!





Oh Boy, who could it be!?






The follow pictures of me featured, may be unflattering, but Ash is such a babe that it doesn’t even matter.





He likes to be a photo-bomber, because he enjoys being the center of attention constantly. 🙂 





Alright Ash, now that eyes are on you, what do you have for us, boy?






I hope all is well in the lives of you all reading. Summer is approaching us here in Florida, and we are super duper… excited ???


A Special Shout-out!

Hey Everyone, Knikki here.

I wanted to personally say hello and thank those of you a part of the blog for being here. 🙂
I’ve never vlogged before, so it’s a first! Ash of course is usually the one in front of the camera, but this time
you all get to see the one typically behind it all! 

We Have Ourselves A Derp Dog

Chris says that Ash is a… derp. 

But, I think he’s majestic regardless.


See, just look how sad he gets when you say that about his cute little face.

So you should apologize, Daddy.



And then he’s over it. 🙂

Take a look at what we’ve got going on in the backyard.
Our roommate’s WORST NIGHTMARE.


It’s spider city here. 
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went outside with the dogs
and then ran into a fella trying to stick me in his web. >_>

The roommate avoids the yard at all cost.


*nom, nom.. oh hi guise!


Did mom tell ya? 

She found another squeaker for me. 🙂
It was Honey’s….

but that old lady won’t remember.


At least,  I hope not.

How Posts Get Made: Behind the Scenes?

I’ve usually got my little booger either under my chair, at my feet, or literally ON my feet. 🙂


He’s always keepin’ an eye on his Momma.


Kick ‘Em Up, & Take A Rest

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but we here have a long couple of days so far.

For goodness sake, Ash rearranged the L-room with his mouth today!

spring cleaner

Who knew we were spring cleaning already?!

It’s no surprise how worn out he is…

kennel sleeper

Chris and I didn’t exactly like where he put his room, so it’s back where it belongs. o.o


He really could care less, donchu think?
He loves not having the blankets or towels in there anymore. The cool metal feels good on his fur. 🙂

Plus, he would tinkle in everryyy blanket we put in there, and he’s usually very good at holding his bladder.

little stinker.