Best Days Of Our Life


These last couple of weeks have been the greatest I have experienced with Ash thus far.

When Chris or I come to bed to watch TV or take a nap or to just sleep, Ash gets in bed with our permission, and quietly lies there. Of course he does take up a lot of room in our bed, but just like small dogs do, he will wedge his way in between us both and snore his way into dreamland.

Having him sleep with us is precious. Unfortunately we have been awoken by him getting sick and needing to go outside, but I’d prefer that over surprises in the morning, ya with me?


Overall, we are very happy family.


By the way, the cheesecake we made Daddy was delicious!


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Mr. Anxious

Mr. Anxious

We were headed out the door to get a late night snack, hugging the dogs before we left. Ash got a little ahead of himself and assumed we were all going into the bedroom for our usual jump in bed and watch Netflix until sleep time.

How Posts Get Made: Behind the Scenes?

I’ve usually got my little booger either under my chair, at my feet, or literally ON my feet. 🙂


He’s always keepin’ an eye on his Momma.


Bucket Chaser – Getting Destructive, Save the PS3!

Happy Sunday!
We just lounge around in our PJS
after breakfast and outside time. 🙂
Our lazzzyyy day!

photo (1)

 Good morning Daddy!

Chris was a late waker today.
He’s felt sick, but as soon as he came out of the bedroom,
Ash was on that spot on the floor and started to smile when he saw him. 🙂

It’s been a slow, and quiet day thus far. Tomorrow Knikki goes to work and the week starts all over again.

We hope Chris feels better soon. 😥