While our roommate moved out this weekend, Ash moved back in! Well, his kennel did. It was outside all this time…we haven’t really needed it lately.

Ash really enjoys having his big kennel back though. We set it up like a comfy bed, and took out the metal floor so he sleeps on a quilt. No noise! 😀



What Are We To Do?


What are we to do with this big guy? Chris and I came home from a Christmas party my work family hosted. Ash was there on the couch waiting for us. He’s outgrowing Chris and I both; nearly as tall as me when he stands up on his hind legs!

Getting Sprayed!

Ash has had skin allergies for the last couple of months. Recently, we’ve been able to relieve the irritation by giving him allergy pills and spraying the sensitive areas with a product called “Hot Spot.” 

It got so bad that he was developing bald spots in his fur where he would chew at himself for minutes on end.
We’re happy to say that we’re making progress! I knew the fleas weren’t the sole problem.

Just A Typical Sunday


Dog kisses are the very best, am I right?


Sometimes our boy is capable of being majestic…there’s that Husky we knew was in there!

Owwooohn’t Move!

Ash again.. up to his stubborn ways!

This time though, he wouldn’t move for the entire day. Well, of course there were those times one of us would be leaving the room, and he just had to drag his self wherever we were headed, even if we were just going across the room…

He does that a lot.

No matter how tired this boy is, he will follow Chris or I ANYWHERE…

He’s getting more and more vocal about what he will or won’t do though.

Trickin’ For Treats

Asher can do many tricks. Chris even taught him all the basic commands in one day when he was just a few months old! It’s true what they say about Siberian Huskies; they are fast learners, and very intelligent creatures.

The latest trick he knows is to “bow.” 
I actually taught him that one!

Chris and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner one night, when I came across our training clicker. We bought it a few months before getting Ash because we thought we would use it. It hasn’t been until recently that we actually have. I looked at the pamphlet that showed different instances where you’d use the clicker, and one of the tricks listed was bowing. I was really curious as to whether Ash could pick up on it, so just for fun I grabbed a treat, and motioned him downwards, only saying the word “bow.” He did it on his first try! Of course, it took a couple more repetitions before he really got the hang of it. 

So far, Ash can:

*roll over
*play dead

I wonder what we should teach him next…
I really want him to learn the “Go Lay Down” command. xD

{Poll} Letting Your Pets Roam Free, What do you think? {Poll}

Do you ever get in the car, and make it half-way to your destination before you realize,
“Hey, I think I forgot something.”

We all have.


In this case, I had forgot to put Ash in his kennel.
He was roaming the house freely.
Oh no, the trash is full….


And this was him when I had returned.

Lately, however, Chris and I have been able to go to bed with Ash in our bedroom, and wake up to the room the way we left it the previous night. He hasn’t made any messes, or hopped up on our bed with us while we slept.

This is a great sign! I don’t think I’m ready to let him stay out in the house just yet though. I’m too afraid of all the things he could get into. How horrible would it be to come home to destroyed couch? O_O

So I ask you: At what age should a dog be allowed to freely roam the house when you’re away, if ever? 

I know of many pet owners that always secure their dogs in an area when they leave. Trusting your dogs with your furniture can be really difficult. When I lived with my parents, our two dogs were allowed out of their kennels while we slept. A lot of the time we would wake up to potty accidents, and toilet paper rolls destroyed. If ever I left my bedroom door open, and my dirty clothes were accessible, my underwear would get torn up as well.

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a TAD BIT leery of the idea still.