Trickin’ For Treats

Asher can do many tricks. Chris even taught him all the basic commands in one day when he was just a few months old! It’s true what they say about Siberian Huskies; they are fast learners, and very intelligent creatures.

The latest trick he knows is to “bow.” 
I actually taught him that one!

Chris and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner one night, when I came across our training clicker. We bought it a few months before getting Ash because we thought we would use it. It hasn’t been until recently that we actually have. I looked at the pamphlet that showed different instances where you’d use the clicker, and one of the tricks listed was bowing. I was really curious as to whether Ash could pick up on it, so just for fun I grabbed a treat, and motioned him downwards, only saying the word “bow.” He did it on his first try! Of course, it took a couple more repetitions before he really got the hang of it. 

So far, Ash can:

*roll over
*play dead

I wonder what we should teach him next…
I really want him to learn the “Go Lay Down” command. xD


What A Tease

This ain’t a Rope!

Ash has advanced to believing it's possible to play tug of war with a ball...

He’s A Character

As we got ready for our walk today, Ash was overly-excited. So much so that it took several attempts to get this picture from him. “Ash, Sit…. No, SIT! Ash… Sit…. SIT!” 


“Mom, this is me telling you no time should be wasted! I am ready for my walk. You should be getting me harnessed and leashed right now!”



He’s a character, really.