Photo-Bombing Beauty!





Oh Boy, who could it be!?






The follow pictures of me featured, may be unflattering, but Ash is such a babe that it doesn’t even matter.





He likes to be a photo-bomber, because he enjoys being the center of attention constantly. 🙂 





Alright Ash, now that eyes are on you, what do you have for us, boy?






I hope all is well in the lives of you all reading. Summer is approaching us here in Florida, and we are super duper… excited ???


The Truth Comes Out

Leave it to Chris to behave this way…

Ash is getting bigger, but by no means is he getting more majestic. If anything, he’s become more hazardous.

I can see why Chris finds it funny to mess with Ash, and throw him off balance. Maybe that will teach him to be more alert when it comes to… I guess human feet in front of him, or walls in his face.

On a side note, let’s just take in this more recent photo of him:


What?! I needed my shoes cleaned…

Ash Can’t Wait To Be King (Special Video!)

Our little boy is 8 months old now, and it’s amazing to see how much he has grown! Some of our greatest memories come from these days, and we are so happy to be creating many more.

I’m always the one behind the edited videos, and pictures of the dogs, but little does anyone know that CHRIS is the star editor in the relationship.

He actually put this together, and I do say it’s the perfect theme to the memories we have of earlier Ash. ❤

Like this post if you’d like Chris to put together more and MORE montage videos!