FAQ Regarding the Babies!

I made my own version of a pet tag.

These are just the questions asked by people I know in person, and even some of you out there that have messaged me!

I *tag all of you that have watched this to make a video of your own and share it with me here! 

Add some of your own questions even. I’d love to get to know more pets in the community.

(1) Where did you get your pet?
(2) How old is this pet?
(3) Were their previous owners? 
(4) If you have multiple pets, do they all get along? 
(5) Do you favor one pet over another?
(6) What do you feed your pets? 
(7) What treats do you give them?
(8) What do your pets play with?
(9) Where do your pets sleep? 
(10) Are they allowed on the furniture?