Trickin’ For Treats

Asher can do many tricks. Chris even taught him all the basic commands in one day when he was just a few months old! It’s true what they say about Siberian Huskies; they are fast learners, and very intelligent creatures.

The latest trick he knows is to “bow.” 
I actually taught him that one!

Chris and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner one night, when I came across our training clicker. We bought it a few months before getting Ash because we thought we would use it. It hasn’t been until recently that we actually have. I looked at the pamphlet that showed different instances where you’d use the clicker, and one of the tricks listed was bowing. I was really curious as to whether Ash could pick up on it, so just for fun I grabbed a treat, and motioned him downwards, only saying the word “bow.” He did it on his first try! Of course, it took a couple more repetitions before he really got the hang of it. 

So far, Ash can:

*roll over
*play dead

I wonder what we should teach him next…
I really want him to learn the “Go Lay Down” command. xD