We Moved!

Why so scarce? 

The family has moved! Ash, Chris, and myself are now settled into a beautiful home in Texas. Needless to say, Florida wasn’t working out, and some things came up in our lives. We are very happy with where we are now though.


May 2014

May 2014


Happy Helper


Daddy’s Burfday is tewmorrow, and Mom NEEDED my help.

Hungry & Distraught


“Mom…Dad, you can’t go to Christmas dinner and just leave me here! After all I’ve been through this week? “

Visits to the Vet make me Nervous

The other day at the vet, Ash was getting weighed, and a pit bull in a cage was going crazy barking at him. It made Ash act in a way I’ve never seen. He actually barked and he has NEVER barked. All of these misbehaved dogs around us are affecting Ash. We could hardly contain him! He wanted to run for the hills, or just cower under Chris.

But hey, he was there long enough for us to discover he is 55 pounds.


September 2013 Recapped with Ash

Taken October 2013
Taken October 2013

“Mom mentioned it before…. but September is really over?”


“You’re not gonna like it if I find out someone’s lying…

It’s not COLD yet.”

Oh Ash, learn to be a little more patient! It’s only October… the cold front is on it’s way.