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While our roommate moved out this weekend, Ash moved back in! Well, his kennel did. It was outside all this time…we haven’t really needed it lately.

Ash really enjoys having his big kennel back though. We set it up like a comfy bed, and took out the metal floor so he sleeps on a quilt. No noise! 😀


True Doggy Parents

True Doggy Parents

True animal Parents treat their beloved pets just like they would their own children. As a parent to the only child I have, Mr. Ash as you can see in the previous picture; I celebrate these momentous events such as his first birthday. He’s my baby, and I’m incredibly grateful to have this loving being around to teach me the ways of forgiveness and patience.

How do you celebrate the birthdays, or do you?

Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

January 16th of this year we brought baby Ash home and he was ours. When the new year rings in, Ash will officially be 1 YEAR! We are thrilled, and I intend to spend this entire month of December planning wonderful things for him. I’m such a Doggy Mom, aren’t I?! I love it.