Leasing to Demons

The other day someone asked how Ash can be a puppy, yet act so mellow?
Maybe a lot of it has to do with the method of which we play with the little guy…

When it comes down to personality,  Mine and Chris’ methods of playing and socializing with the dogs can vary.


Chris is typically more rough, and handles his strength best. 
You HAVE to be rough with this dog, or you couldn’t function around him at all.
He would knock you over on your butt, and literally walk all over you if you didn’t. 
Chris helps me know how to handle my strength in accordance with Ash. 

It’s strange to have a smaller being than you weigh more, and use his strength better
than you know how to use your own. It gets me every time, but I’m getting better! 

I’m the more gentle one, well of course!
When Ash was a very small pup, just learning to run confidently I had to make my first

attempt at discipline. It sort of broke my heart even telling him “No” because looking at him whether
he was being bad or not made me melt. His sad eyes, and petite face made me feel as though it was wrong to get upset.

However, that’s the just the Momma instincts in me, and frankly… just being a girl
I learned that a smack on the nose when your pup was acting up was a good way to get their attention.
I did so when he deserved it, which resulted in him getting angry and biting his teeth hard into me.
That was the very first and the last time I saw Ash angry or fierce.

I’ve always been bigger on cuddling and comforting Ash, which made him respect me less, love me more.
We’ve since addressed the issue, and he does listen to me more, but it’s very clear that Chris is the more respected one in the household. 

As far as when it comes to playful time, I’m peppy and carry a nicer tone.
Chris keeps Ash energetic with his hyper-ness, and rough nature. 



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