All Ash Ever Does

Is lounge around these days.


What a lazy Sunday we are having here in the Viechec home.


Last night, I crawled out of bed for water, and look at what I see going on under the covers.



When Getting To The End Of Your Rope

Tie A Knot And Hang On!

January 2014

January 2014

Can anyone else be more thankful for the weekend than I am?!

I hate coming home to chores. :/ Honey had an accident in the house… and it was on THE COUCH! I was pretty put-out while cleaning this up because she didn’t even have the decency to hop down on the floor.

Ash got in the trash and shoved a banana peel down THE COUCH!

And Honey, yet again did something destructive and scratched up the carpet on the top of the stairs.

I had a difficult time containing my cool when the first thing I have to do when walking through the front door is clean up. Silly us for thinking that buying a trash bin with a lid would keep the Husky out of the garbage.

Ash Adjusts To Life Again

“These last two weeks have been ruff. I’m missing a big part of me..”
January Ash
“I find myself wandering the house, asking “wut r this?” because I’ve been away too long.”
what r this

what r this

“Mom put up a tree where my room used to be.”
Ash's 1st Christmas Tree

Ash’s 1st Christmas Tree

Leaving Behind 2013

While Christmas came and went for everyone else, the Viechec family had a later start.


A good friend of mine from work gifted Chris and I with a tree, ornaments, and wrapping paper so we could celebrate properly next year. I had expressed to her that we didn’t have decorations. She says it was our wedding present. 🙂 I am still so amazed by how loving and generous my coworkers are.


What do you think, Ash, should it stay up until February??


The last 2 weeks have been rather hectic! The blog has suffered through it all… We had a house guest, we GOT MARRIED! Christmas happened, our anniversary happened, and Ash was neutered.


It really has been the longest 2 weeks of my life. I’m just thankful Ash can be out of his kennel, and with us again.


As for the rest of us? We’re doing just fine.. 🙂


Crazy Stick Grabber!

September 2013

September 2013

Oh, hey! I’m glad to see you all again. Just me here, and my tennis ball. 


Me again, in my pool? Mom really hates when I stand here in the dirty water… 🙂 


But I really don’t care what Mom thinks. 


Unless, of course she yells at me for it. :/ 



Run FAST, RUN FAST! He always catches me though…


Ash is incredibly silly.




So, do most dogs like to play with sticks from the yard? I’ve never witnessed this before Ash.




Uncut September footage of Ash being playful

Getting Sprayed!

Ash has had skin allergies for the last couple of months. Recently, we’ve been able to relieve the irritation by giving him allergy pills and spraying the sensitive areas with a product called “Hot Spot.” 

It got so bad that he was developing bald spots in his fur where he would chew at himself for minutes on end.
We’re happy to say that we’re making progress! I knew the fleas weren’t the sole problem.